Why so few Indians go to college?


MHRD proposes to spend Rs 30k cr over the next 5 years, works on a four-pronged strategy to put backward areas on college education map


The go nment has set itself an ambitious target of raising gross enrolment ratio (GER) in higher education to 40% by 2024 from about 26% at present. The only way it can achieve this is by opening colleges in backward districts and getting those in the socio-economically vulnerable categories to enrol for higher studies. The ministry of human resource development (MHRD) has proposed to invest Rs 30,338 crore to achieve this over the next five years.



In its vision plan for 2019-24, the ministry says it needs to address the “geographically and socially skewed access to higher education institutions in India”. For instance, while the overall GER is 25.8%, for SCs it is 21.8%, and for STs it is even lower at 15.9%. And if you do a global comparison, India fares quite poorly. Just among BRICS nations, India is slightly ahead of South Africa and way behind Russia (81.8%), Brazil (50.5%) and China (50.0%).



Enrolment has grown at a slow pace in the last 10-15 years, higher education among STs in particular lagging behind. Identifying the major challenges, the report, ‘Education Quality Upgradation and Inclusion Programme’, states that “empirical evidence points towards the persistence of economic, social, locational, and regional disparities in access to higher education. The higher education system and institutions have to recognise and adapt to meet the demands from diverse communities of students.”




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Pandu Prasad•Bangalore•3 hours ago

Wow Govt is going to spend so much on colleges to equip youngsters in knowledge and skill what about culture and social etiquette. When I went to china first time 20 years ago they were like us but today they have changed a lot



andi•3 hours ago

yet the educated find it difficult to get descent job



Boray Sudhindra•Bangalore•3 hours ago

First make AWARE 5RL Edu skills as Duties of Every student!.. then automatically GER rises!




Kulkarni Pralhad•Bangalore•3 hours ago

Many graduates are toiling in mean jobs. make students approach a problem independently and not to stress on passing examinations



Shanth Kumar•4 hours ago

I still dream of going to college



Dalbir Singh•4 hours ago

Its only lip service on part of govt as it has raised the college fee to many fold after doing away with UGC. It will further drag the ratio down.



Attar Singh Panisup•4 hours ago

It is an appreciable approach



Khualpu Zou•Shillong•4 hours ago

The increase in drop out school children is because of the ever increasing fees and unemployment.



Sachin Wazi•4 hours ago

People give more preference to religions thinking that they will solve all our problems



Dharmesh Prajapati•Ahmedabad•4 hours ago

The most general category people are now well earned and having good family wealth or a business, so going college is not bothering them.



Ash D•4 hours ago

If youths go to college than who would work for the right extremist groups?



Ash D•4 hours ago

Remove reservation and population and all our domestic issues will cease to exist



Sundaram Thiagarajan•Unknown•5 hours ago

Exorbitant cost is the main reason.Rationalise n standardise the fee structure for the entire country, with uniform syllabus, teaching methods, infrastructure, etc. Or else nationalise all private colleges immediately.



cbkpb•Mumbai•5 hours ago

When Govt is creating jobs unde



Sasapu rama prasad•6 hours ago

Only one source India will rise the education system .



Krishna Ghosh•Mumbai•6 hours ago

Why even after more than 70 years of independence, still we are discriminating our population on the basis of religion, caste, creed and sex? This sharp tool used by our politicians for wining election.We must bring every poor population of our mother India above poverty level on priority.,Why we are opening only degree colleges or higher educational institutes at remote areas? If we produce huge number of graduates or post graduates, can we give them suitable employment?






Upnorth•6 hours ago

Government should open vocational colleges. Train poor youth to become welder, plumber, carpenter etc. Otherwise they will get useless BA degrees and go and lube in sounds in large cities for non existent jobs.


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