India's first fully-electric SUV: Hyundai Kona launched at Rs 25.3 lakh

印度首款純電動SUV上市: 現代科納售價253萬盧比


NEW DELHI: Hyundai Motor launched India’s first fully electric SUV in the national capital on Tuesday at an introductory price of Rs 25.3 lakh (ex-showroom). The dual tone colour option would fetch additional Rs 20,000.


The SUV will offer a range of 452 km/charge, according to ARAI certification. An 80% charge can be achieved in 57 minutes with DC quick charger, using the CCS type II charging port. You may find this at Hyundai facility in selected cities (Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata and Chennai). Hyundai is collaborating with IOCL to set up public chargers. Official said four such charging stations are coming up soon in the selected cities.

根據印度汽車研究協會認證,這款SUV一次充電的續航里程將達到452公里。使用CCS II型充電口,直流快速充電器可在57分鐘內充電80%?,F代汽車正與國際石油公司合作,建立公共充電站。一名官表示,在選定的城市中,即將建成4座充電站。

Touted to be an ‘icon of pure tech’, Kona has a sporty aesthetics and eco-oriented appearance. A well-proportioned body appearance is complemented by a long wheelbase and short overhangs. The charging port integrated in the front grills, distinctive split-type headlamps and DRLs, roof rails, smart electric roof boost the urban appeal of the SUV.


Under the roof, Kona boosts state-of-art features like bridge type centre console, leather wrapped steering wheel and seats, soft touch dashboard. In case the driver is alone in the ride, he/she may opt to ‘driver only’ air conditioning option. The 10-way power driver seat comes with lumbar support.



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Sanjeev Sharma•Nashik•4 hours ago

Thank You Hundai for coming up with a good electric car. Since 2030 is the deadline to go all electric, Automobile Industry needs to catch up with time. Though the price is on the higher side, I am sure once it goes into mass production, the prices will drop.



Saugat Saxena•9 hours ago

Great Start for India! The prices will come down as soon as the competition which is hardly two years away will arrive. Nobody needs technology more than India to solve its problems and this is just a start.




Human•12 hours ago

Tata and Mahindra care come with less GST, Incentives, Nil Road Tax & Regn fees.. Why not buy that ?



Gaana User•15 hours ago

sub 12 lakh electric car is most welcomed in india



Vinay S•Unknown•1 day ago

What is the power consumption per hour? How many units of power needed for one full charge?



Rakesh P K•Bangalore•1 day ago

price point manufacturing cost of 1 car and lakhs of cars are different scenarios. When everyone starts buying price will automatically come down



Dc•1 day ago

18 hours for full charge means how much electricity consumption, how much coal burnt for producing that much electricity. Are e-cars eco friendly really?



Prof PB Sharma•Amity University Gurugram•1 day ago

EVs are the need of the present day mobility and Hundai is to be congratulated for being first to market it''s SUV.,But the cost is too high. Remember car is not a luxury in India.



Stud Baker•1 day ago

People are questioning who will buy such expensive electric car. Well they have introduced it to Indian market as this is the future. It is already running in other countries for past 5-7years.



De•Blr•1 day ago

For this power , pricing point it fine



Russel•1 day ago

The price will come down by at least 20% once economies of scale come into play. Hyundai is probably looking at annual sales of a couple of thousand units in the first couple of years if that at all. The battery price should come down significantly after 2020. Come to think of it this works out to almost 35K US dollars. That is expensive. I would say it is almost a non starter at this price point. Something in the 15-20lakh range would have been slightly more appealing.



Ashutosh Khanna•1 day ago

Price is too high.



Srinivas Dhangar•Pune, Maharashtra•1 day ago




Hi Sudip•Unknown•1 day ago

If you take loan to buy this car, how much are you paying interest ? Add that interest amount & see the actual cost. If you take a car on rent as per your neefs, calculate you will never pay this much amount in your lifetime ! Don''t forget about depreciation of car also if you buy !!



Hi Sudip•Unknown•1 day ago

Only 25 Lakhs ! Make 50 Lakhs & close the factory !!




Vaibhav•1 day ago

too costly for India market..



Ashok Verma•usa•1 day ago

This is not a car manufactured by the Indian automobile company, it is manufactured by the South Korean.


Shobhit Chandra•1 day ago

Expect to launch soon these types



Lokesh Vigil•1 day ago

Idiot''s if you want cheap cars tum logo ka baap Mahindra Verito is avilable with less GST & incentives..Nil Road Tax & Regn fees...Don''t buy if cost is high.



askme young•1 day ago

How do you charge the car if you live in a high rise flat????


Stud Baker• askme young•1 day ago

Stupid question. Do you take the car upstairs with you in high rise flat? You charge the car where you park. Have a socket install near your parking. All the buildings have sockets somewhere in parking.


Vinod• askme young•1 day ago

Either you are really dumb or you are being sarcastic. For all the high rises the meter room is at the ground floor. You need to pull the wire from the energy meter till your parking lot. It won't cost much.



Gagan•1 day ago

disposal of battery spread more pollution than petrol or diesel bcoz it has lead, lithium etc


Stud Baker• Gagan•1 day ago

these batteries are recyclable. These are not lead-acid batteries which are bad for environment. Most of contents are recyclable. They pollute much less than old type batteries.



Kamal Gaur•1 day ago

Who will buy 26 lakh Rupees car, when, you can buy 5 cars for same price, next charging takes so much time, and where to charge, if you have drive long distance ? Good for environment but bad for pocket and not practical at leadt in India, may be good for south Korea.


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