What should every Indian know about China?



Gerard Danford, Academic PhD (Aalto) MBA (LBS)

The #1Thing About China

Chinese philosophy provides the secret to doing successful business in China. However, first one must learn three Chinese words;

(tian) - sky
(di) - earth
(ren) - people

These three words represent the highest level of Chinese philosophy.

'Everything is surrounded by sky, earth and people'

(tian) also represents when (timing)
(di) also represents where (place)
(ren) also represents who (people)



When you combine these words (timing, place and people), you have three of the most important elements for anyone interested in doing business in China. Based on Chinese philosophy, to do successful business in China it is all about 'the right time, the right place and with the right people'.


Shashank Shekhar, PGP at IIM Indore
The most important thing is that not everything said about China is necessarily true. China is known to hide informations and only reveal things that can leave a positive impression on outside world about itself. Unlike India, it does not have a free press. So, it's natural that many events that could degrade its reputation, may have never seen the light of the day.




Hemanshu Desai, 11 answers with 10 or more upvotes

20 years ago, China was poorer than India
Today, China is 20 years ahead of India in income terms
China will cease to be the most populous country being replaced by India soon.
China's population in 2050 is expected to be the same as its current population
China is able to maintain low inflation despite high growth. So, growth is not an excuse for inflation
China will be one of the three largest economies in the world in 2050 along with India and USA.
China is not co unist.
China may be the world's fastest growing large economy right now, but over the next 4 decades, India is expected to be one of the world's fastest growing economies growing more than twice as much as China and catch up or even cross China








Owen Huang, New idea to new Action.
Around 648-649 AD,the first recorded war of India-China was almost forgotten in two sides. please find more details in wiki. Wang Xuance . this was not a war of invasion in nature ,which was led by a diplomat/ambassador with 7,000 Nepalese mounted infantry and 1,200 Tiban infantry


本質上并非是一場入侵戰爭,王玄策率領7000名尼泊爾步兵和1200名吐蕃 步兵進入印度


Anupam Srivastava, works at Graduate School Education

Chinese people are extremely polite, helpful and smart.



Except for iPhone, everything that is made in China is crap ;)



Akshay, Assistant Audit Officer at Comptroller and Auditor General (2018-present)

China is destined to be our neighbor which cannot be changed. So it is better to keep constructive relations with the state to ensure mutual prosperity.



Huanyu Wu, studied at Hefei University of Technology

Most important every Indian should know is that China is not your enemy don't regard China as your foe OK?



Not everything made in China is crap.
Remember that iPhones are made in China.




Mitali Pannikar, wanderlust
China is adding about $1 trillion a year to global GDP...and creating another India every 2 years.



Indu Priya, Working

Youtube is banned in china.
New delhi's air is more dangerous than that of biejing.( more polluted).
China is the country which manufactures more number of bicycles in the world.
China positioned first in most polluting countries where as india stands in fourth position.






Nikunj Parikh, studied at Acropolis Institute of Technology and Research, Indore

China has started to make efforts to revive the silk route. To facilitate export of goods to western countries. This train travels between China and London carries more than 200 container covers distance of more than 11k kms in around 18 days. The same distance if covered by ship takes approximately 2 mnths. 4 engines are needed to pull this train.





Eric Cartman, "Curiosity killed the cat but for a while i was a suspect"
Answered Feb 13, 2017

Following aresome facts about china( altough i don’t think every indian needs to know them, i mean where else am i gonna share these china facts):

Female students in China outperform men to such an extent that some universities have introduced a male quota
China gets a new skyscraper every five days
In Beijing two million people live undergroung
it is offensive towards Chinese to suggest all Chinese people look alike
33% of China’s population can’t speak their official language
Some part of great wall of China was funded by a state lottery
since 1990 poverty rates in china have fallen from 85% to 15%









Jasprit Uppal
China initiated one child policy in 1979 to reduce economic and environmental pressures. Though there are doubts about its efficacy, it helps in better planning of civic amenities such as transport / schools, etc. reducing overburdening. Also they have internal passports, which limits the shift of rural population to urban centers such as Shanghai. And now they are converting many semi-urban / rural areas to urban conglomerates. As per McKinsey, China's urban population will hit the one billion mark by 2030.

Whereas, India has limited lip service on population control and planning exercises go for a toss (e.g. Delhi metro is horrendously overcrowded, we have no new major cities being planned, many cities are overcrowded & good only for 1%, etc.).

But well, if I were a Chinese citizen and wrote critical things about go nment policies in China, I would be cooling my heals in a prison. I love being in India :).







Manoj Ekkundi, MBA from Indian Institute of Management Visakhapatnam (2018)

I had been to China in 2017. What you should know about China typically depends on who you are, in the first place, as in, a traveller, a business person, a politician or some such kind.

I can speak for the typical vegetarian tourist kind. Specifically, please note the use of the qualifier, ‘vegetarian’.



Firstly, grab all that you wish you would always want to eat were you in India, primarily because you will find it significantly hard to get the vegetarian food you are so used to eating at home. However, do note that there are good number of ‘Indian' restaurants in China — although, quite expectadely, these restaurants are limited to the bigger cities like Beijing and Shanghai. Rates are typically through the roof, so don't expect a ‘good meal at affordable price’ kind of marketing gimmick there.

Secondly, make Coca-Cola your best friend. It will always come in handy, anytime and anyplace.




Thirdly, don't talk about India or Communist Party of China or com ism or de acy or etc. etc. Just keep these to yourself and all will be fine.

Lastly, be sure to carry cash and limit your use of card. My bank specifically instructed me to not use my debit card in China — for obvious reasons.




Aditya Deshmane, Sleepy Coder
that Chinese food we eat in India is actually not chinese food :D :D



Aryaman Amitabh, studied at Delhi Public School, Ruby Park
That all the words in Chinese are not 'ching-chong-chung'.



Manikandan C Ramachandran, lived in India

Chinese like Durian fruit very much, Please think thrice before trying, it was not a pleasant experiece for me niether taste nor smell



Pritesh Bhoumick, M.S. Petroleum Engineering, The University of Oklahoma (2018)
This is an excerpt from an experience I had in Shanghai back in 2011.

I along with my family had just come out of an acrobatic show in Nanjing road in Shanghai. It was 2130 hr and we weren't able to catch hold of any cab to take us back to our hotel.

You would seldom find people on road who could speak or understand English there. So, we always carried cards having the address of our hotel written in Mandarin language.

We finally got a cab at 2200 hr. On being presented the hotel address card, the driver conveyed through hand gesture that he doesn't know the place and would not like to drive us there. But upon insisting, he called up the hotel reception by his own phone and asked for direction in his language. Finally, he agreed to take us to the hotel.

說一下我們2011年在上海的故事。我和家人在上海南京路看雜技表演。晚上9點30分,我們打不到的士,沒法回酒店。路上找不到會說英語的 。我們舉著上面寫著酒店中文地名的牌子。


We had been in Shanghai then for about 4-5 days and we had got a vague idea about the roads back to our hotel. So, after the cab drove us for about 30 mins, we felt that the road he is driving at doesn't actually lead us to our hotel. The cab driver realized it after 45 mins of drive that he is driving wrong way.

He immediately stopped the cab fare meter reading and took a U-turn taking us straight to the hotel without any more hiccups. After we de-boarded from the taxi, the driver charged us half the fare of the meter reading when he stopped it. I was awestruck!

I doubt we can see such honesty among Aam Aadmi in India in the near future at least!
(Moreover, when the cab driver initially admitted, he doesn't know the place)





Krishna Somisetty, Engineer

Should know that China is (way) more powerful than India economical and military wise.
They can pull strings almost anywhere in the world with their lobbying force.
They currently own 1/3rd of JK. (people seem to look at Pak, when ever Kashmir issue pops up.)
More millionaires than India.
People are not oppressed on a daily basis. (only internet censorship is strict).
Facebook/certain Google services (gmail esp) wont open inside china.
They have more tech companies (R&D in IT) than India. (I visited Beijing).









Shivam Chaudhary, There are two types of people in this world. One Virtuous and other Vicious.

Chinese people follow the laws of nature.Nature made this world for 6 days and then rested the seventh day.Similarly,Chinese work really great for six days and on seventh day,they take a deep rest.



Kashyap Patel, Student. Writer.Coder. Positive. Practical.
i know one thing ...
They are our enemies :/



Ruddy Raar, а?? я?????on ая? m?n? ??cа?s? ? аm ?nd?аn
Indian know chinese for its inferior quality ( poor quality ) of electronics items.
Indian use the term " Chinese" either for Noodles or for refering that u can't go long.




Chen Bo, lives in Chengdu, Sichuan, China

As a native Chinese, it’s really difficult for me to understand an Indian guy speaking English.



Ming Chen

There are many India activists on the Quora, who are usually too confident and ignorant, which I can't understand.



Urdro Bi, Master Computer Graphics & Digital Art, Peking University (2012)

They are funny, I like them!



Sambhaji Kirve

China Fears of India ..as fastly Emerging Superpower in Continent due to large Intelligent population.









Sonam (Sonsnow), BA. Pol-Science (DU Hindu from Doing MA. Public Policy in Jindal Global University (2017)

China think of India as a necessary evil where they are in need of India in maintaining their influence and operations in the areas of south East Asian nations and at the same time India has been a burden to their border area, and Indian go nment’s hands towards Tiban people's fre m struggle made them to think of India as even more evil to them.

中國認為印度是“ 必要之惡 ”,需要印度來維持其在東南亞的影響力。



Eugene Jeong

Indians have the problem of the long standing tradition of Caste System that still exists today.

It makes the country and its people shabby and backward. They are either overly ashamed of themselves being dark skinned or overly confident of being light skinned. Either way, it doesn’t help the country to be a favorable place to live.

This is an excellent example of old traditional religions affecting today’s people’s lives.

You have to wonder why their country side or the back streets are so dirty and unsanitary as well.




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